Recital Details - 2019

Dress Rehearsal:

Wed. May 8, Robinson/Olsen Auditorium in West Point (West Point High School - directions below)
Pre-School - 3rd grade report by 3:30 p.m., others see explanation below
(All stundents are to stay for the finale practice at 6 p.m. Finale pratice takes about 30 min)
Brittany York Photography will be available to take individual pictures of students at the dress rehearsal. (Price sheet forthcoming)

Fri. May 10, 7:00 p.m., R/O Auditorium in West Point (Dancers report by 6 p.m.)
Sun. May 12, 2:00 & 6:00 p.m., R/O Auditorium in WP (Dancers report by 1 p.m. for 2 o'clock show, by 5 p.m. for 6 o'clock show)

Tickets go on sale April 24, at the studio during class. $8 per seat (pre-schoolers in laps are free). All tuition and costume money must be paid before tickets are purchased. No checks accepted after April 26 if paying for more than 2 tuition installment payments.
You are paying for 16 weeks of spring classes, and the semester total was broken into 5 easy payments. You are not paying for the month of May's classes, you are making a final installment payment to complete your semester. Costume prices are on display at the studio, please deduct your deposit from the total.

The show on Friday night will include the entire school. Tickets will be limited to 3 tickets per family (for Fri). The shows on Sunday will be split according to age groups. This will allow families to acquire more tickets. We will allow families to purchase at least 7 tickets to the shows on Sunday. We always have left over tickets for all shows, so getting extras should not be a problem; the initial limits ensures everyone is given equal chance to purchase what they need. Your tickets will be reserved for you until 6:30 at dress rehearsal. All remaining tickets will go on sale at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 8. Only a few families will be affected by the two shows on Sunday; these parents will only have to purchase one Sunday ticket that will be good for both Sunday shows.

Dress Rehearsal:
During the shows students are required to stay in designated classrooms. The dress rehearsal is a great time for your child to watch other dances -- they will not be allowed in and out of the auditorium during the show. During the dress rehearsal each class will rehearse it’s dance twice on stage. Please be on time -- we cannot wait if you are late. We have organized the dress rehearsal so no one has to be there for the entire time. Younger classes need to report by 3:30 p.m. (pre-school through 3rd grade); 4th grade and up must report by 6:00 p.m. The following classes need to report by 5:00 for dress rehearsal: Miss Jennifer's Sr. 1 acro and Miss Danielles's Jr. Hip Hop classes (they both have students in both age groups), and Adult Ballet. Everyone must be present for the finale (6:00-6:30). Younger students are free to leave after the finale. Older students are free to leave after they have rehearsed their dance or dances on stage. We will post an order of the rehearsal soon. We will begin running dances at 3:40. We will do our best to stay true to schedule.

The dress rehearsal is not the order of the recital. The Dress Rehearsal is for dancers and parents. Please try to leave siblings at home if possible. If you must bring siblings, please remember that you are responsible for them at all times. They are not allowed to wander in the halls or around the auditorium. We also ask that you keep siblings with you during the recital. Bored siblings will not be allowed to wander in and out of the auditorium. We do have someone monitoring the doors. The doors will be kept closed while classes are performing.

We will be selling DVDs of the recital for $25. For this reason we cannot allow videotaping of the recital on Friday night. You are free to tape during the dress rehearsal and on Sunday. The DVD sales will raise funds for our 2020 Disney trip. This is an opportunity for dancers in grades 6-12 to perform at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The Competition Dance Team will also be selling flowers on Friday and Sunday. Wraps are $5. This is a fundraiser for the team. It has become a tradition to give flowers to the dancers at the end of performances. This is not mandatory by any means, but only you know how your child will respond to this situation. You are also not required to purchase flowers from the team. They are just trying to provide a service.

NO FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED IN THE AUDITORIUM. You will be asked to leave if caught with food in the auditorium. Please make sure that every ticket holder is aware of the food and drink policy in the auditorium. Our ability to use the auditorium in the future depends on how well we enforce this rule. We can not stress this enough. Please eat snacks in the hall. If you must send food for your child to eat during the recital in the dressing rooms please limit it to water and crackers or non-chocolate snack bars. Please do not send cookies and chips. We have had a problem in the past with huge messes in the dressing rooms.

FULL DRESS REHEARSAL means full costume and make-up. Hair should be pulled up in a bun or however the teacher has asked for the hair to be worn. We do ask that students wear foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. When make-up is not worn, students looked washed our under the lights. We will only be using a few dressing rooms on Wednesday night. Students may change in the lobby bathrooms of the auditorium and small side dressing rooms. Students are expected to sit in auditorium during the dress rehearsal. On Friday and Sunday, students will be in classrooms to dress and wait. If your student wears a bra, please make sure that it has clear straps and the back cannot be seen. Underwear is not to be worn with costumes. Older students are encouraged to purchase flesh leotards to be worn under costumes, especially if they have a lot of quick changes. (these are required for the Disney trip).

1. costume
2. tights
3. shoes
4. large shirt to wear over costume while waiting.
5. make-up
6. hair accessories
7. light snack to be eaten in the hall
8. books, games, etc. something to keep students busy while waiting
9. strapless (or clear straps) bra or full flesh colored body suit. (This is for anyone who normally wears a bra)
1. jewelry
2. nail polish (Please get a French manicure for prom! You will not be allowed on stage with dark polish!)
3. underwear
4. markers
5. snacks that are messy.

**Grand Finale will be performed at all shows. Younger students do not need to be present for the Sunday night show unless they want to do it (and have the energy!).
Friday night: Entire school to perform, students REPORT by 6:00, show is at 7
Sunday afternoon: Students to perform = pre-school through the 3rd grade and Adult Ballet REPORT by 1:00, show is at 2
Sunday evening: Students to perform = 4th grade and up REPORT by 5:00, show is at 6
Performing in both shows on Sunday...Jr. Hip Hop, and possibly Sr. I Acro . I will place these dances at the end of the first show and the beginning of the second show, so you may arrive late and leave early. Team and Company will also be performing in both shows.

Robinson/Olsen Auditorium, West Point High School (2700 Mattaponi Avenue, West Point, VA 23181)
Rt. 30 toward West Point, go approx. 24 miles from 360. Take a Left onto Thompson Ave., then a Left onto Mattaponi Ave. Auditorium is behind the tennis courts.

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